About Us


Who Is Cultivated

Cultivated EcoSystems LTD. is a start up in rural Pictou County created from the growing frustration over the high costs to grow our own food and the difficulty to source environmental plant care products that actually work. Through researching environmental methods to deliver proper plant care with low environmental impact, we have developed a strategy to simplify a biological method which produces self sustaining plant nutrition by diverting waste in a customizable format to reach all types of plants. We are a zero-waste, environmentally focused company specializing in soil biology and plant nutrition - We Bring Soil Back To Life. Our production facility is based in Egerton, NS with our office space located in Ignite Northern, within the NSCC Stellarton Campus.

In 2019, we became tenants with Ignite Labs opening the door to a large network of business support. We won the Xlr8r contest in Pictou County for business start-ups and the Spark NS award for business innovation.


What We Do


We grow healthy, beneficial soil biology using diverted organic waste from businesses and homeowners throughout Nova Scotia. 

Applying our products can establish a colony of micro-organisms which allow plants to uptake the nutrients which are locked in the soil. Through the soil food chain, micro-organisms release the nutrients plants need in a form their roots can absorb. A well fed plant has better ability to withstand drought, fight pest & disease plus have higher food value for the end user. These micro-organism colonies also encourage deeper root systems, improve soil quality and texture, allow better water retention and reduce weed presence*.

*Weeds are reduced because they thrive in a high bacteria soil which is the opposite of most desired plants. By introducing competitive microorganisms and reducing the number of weed supporting bacteria, other plants can thrive faster to snuff out the weeds and the weeds will find it too difficult to exist there.


About Our Team

Marla can usually be found playing in the worm farm or behind the microscope. Her education and experience in biology, waste management and soil life has built a solid foundation for everything underground.

Marla was motivated to co-create this company because of the quality products just weren't easily available for everyone. She also wanted to prove to herself and her daughters that not everything has a cookie cutter solution; looking at things from a different angle can solve many problems. She is a helper by nature and wants to support her community and beyond.

Angie can usually be found investigating in fields or behind the computer answering your questions (and typing this). Her education and experience in horticulture, entomology and customer service has built a solid foundation for everything above ground.

Angie was motivated to co-create this company because she found it almost impossible to access the solutions needed for her property clients that was beneficial, safe and that worked! She's always lived by the rule; 'If it's not safe to touch, why am I putting it on my food?'. She has a passion for helping others learn gardening and will talk your ear off if you bring up questions about anything with roots!


We Are a Women Led, Green-Ag-Tech Company and We Have Big Goals!

That's right! We want to help you grow. We want to improve food nutrition. We want to help our environment. With your help, we can accomplish!