Simple Soil Solutions

Soil Pre-Biotic

Soil Pre-Biotic

Soil Pre-Biotic


When starting a new garden, the most important step is ensuring your soil is ready to support your plants! Pre-biotic will start a microscopic colony to populate your soil EcoSystem. 

Root Starter

Soil Pre-Biotic

Soil Pre-Biotic


Loaded full of root growing microbes plus fresh worm castings which will help your plants establish faster PLUS lower their water & nutrient needs! Don't plant without Root Starter.

Living Castings

Soil Pre-Biotic

Compost Activator


Our worms help us break down our compost, the result is chocolate brown gold filled with lots of beneficial microbes and nutrients ready to feed your plants and soil ecosystem.

Compost Activator

After Harvest Revive

Compost Activator


Creating your own compost pile is the best and most economical way to use what's left over from harvest. It can be hard to keep it alive & beneficial without constant monitoring. Use Compost Activator to activate the EcoSystem.

After Harvest Revive

After Harvest Revive

After Harvest Revive


Harvesting removes some much needed nutrients and soil food chain links. Using After Harvest Revive will ensure your soil EcoSystem is ready to support your crops in the Spring.

Our Services

Microscopic Soil Analysis

Microscopic Soil Analysis

Microscopic Soil Analysis


 Knowing what your soil EcoSystem looks like is the first step to low maintenance, healthy plants. Let us take your sample to our lab. 

On-site Consultation

Microscopic Soil Analysis

Microscopic Soil Analysis


Need gardening advice specific to your property? Book a consultation with our horticulturist!

Soil Pre-Biotic


What is Soil Pre-Biotic

Our Soil Pre-Biotic works just like the one you take for healthy digestion except this is for the soil! This application is customized for your desired crop (lawns, vegetables, trees, etc.) with our recipes proven to make nutrients available.  Once complete and liquefied, this material can be used to treat soil at a 1.5 lbs : 5 acre ratio.  *We recommend 3 treatments for the first year to establish.

What does Soil Pre-Biotic do for my plants

 One application will offer your soil a start-up colony of helpful microbes which will begin to break down your soil and feed your plants. With each application, this colony will grow until it can become self-sustaining and support your plant's nutrient needs plus improve the soil texture.

What do I do after I apply

Enjoy your garden! With proper use of the Soil Pre-Biotic your fertilizing and watering needs should be lowered if not eliminated. This allows you to have more time to enjoy your garden and more money to splurge on fancy plant varieties!

What plants need Soil Pre-Biotic

Simple, all plants! All plants have different nutrient needs which requires a different colony of microbes. Our Soil Pre-Biotic is specially customized to treat the plants you want to grow!

Lawns, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Potatoes, Cannabis, Apples, Lillies, Alfalfa, Barley... you name it, we can help it!

Root Starter


What is Root Starter

Root Starter is a material you can use at planting and seeding time that will encourage your roots to grow deeper and create a microbe colony to support them. Root Starter is non-burning so it is safe to place directly on seeds and sensitive roots.

Already planted? No problem!

Root Starter is a great top dress or side dress. Because our products are alive, they can freely move to where they like to live - which is around your roots!

What plants can benefit from Root Starter

Lawns, root crops (potatoes, carrots, etc), leaf crops (lettuce, kale, etc), fruit crops (tomatoes, eggplant, etc), legumes (peas, beans, etc), cannabis and flowers.

What do I do after I apply

Once root starter is applied, carry on with your usual gardening tasks. For best results, avoid using synthetic and strong fertilizer, herbicides or insecticides which can slow the growth of microscopic colonies.

Living Castings


Fresh is best

Our product differs from others on the market because it is harvested on pick up day to ensure our castings stay hydrated and oxygenated. Keeping our castings alive ensures maximum survival of the living microbiology which feeds your plants and soil food chain. This also ensures worm cocoons will survive; once they hatch in your garden you'll have your own beginning of a worm colony!

Why are worm castings beneficial

Worms are a huge part of the decomposition process; breaking down large items like leaves, loosening soil while moving and depositing beneficial minerals and bacteria through their castings. These bacteria source out harmful microbes which threaten the living soil food chain and assist in plants taking up nutrients in the soil. If the castings are dried or lack oxygen, these beneficial microbes cannot exist which is why we ship fresh only. The consistency may not be what you're used to (haha) but it's what's best for your soil!

What plants benefit from Living Castings

Worm castings will benefit all plants and all soil types. This material is non burning and safe for all types of sensitive plants and direct to root application. Worm castings can also benefit your potted and indoor plants giving them nutrients that won't interrupt their natural life-cycle. Cannabis grown for recreational use can benefit greatly from the addition of fresh worm castings which has been shown to increase THC levels.

Compost Activator & Enrichment


Boost your back yard compost

Our Enrichment package will populate your own compost to ensure you're applying healthy, diverse compost to your plants! You can create a solution and water it in or just add everything and mix! An easy way to boost your compost!

Start your compost right

Bring up your heat and start your own healthy living compost! Add our Activator package to your starting pile and stir daily for a week. Our microbes, worms and starter will help you make healthy top dressing for your gardens!

After Harvest Revive


What harvesting does to your soil

In an untouched plant life cycle, breakdown of plants (decomposition) replenishes some of the nutrients the plant needed and absorbed back into the ground for the next generation. When we harvest our gardens and remove the remainder of the plant, we are removing that chain of the soil life cycle which is removing food for the beneficial microorganisms.

What is After Harvest Revive

Revive is a concentrated blend of fresh and composted plant material paired with a colony of beneficial microorganisms. This solution will replace your soils need for the harvested plants and allow your garden to re-structure under snow and frost in preparation for Spring planting. 

What gardens can benefit from After Harvest Revive

Revive is specifically formulated for vegetable and fruit gardens and could also be beneficial to annual and perennial flower beds if you tidy and remove all plants in the fall months. If you have broken ground on a new garden in the Fall (planning for first planting in the Spring), Revive would activate the soil food chain to help breakdown any remaining sod from the tilling/plowing process.

What do I do after I apply

This solution is applied after harvesting (and fall tilling/plowing) and will slowly help to re-populate the colony of microbes which will benefit next year's plants and add micro-nutrients which will help them thrive.

Microscopic Soil Analysis


A Soil Story

 Our microscopic technique allows us to view how the soil's current EcoSystem is working and identify the missing links. This requires a trained eye and patience to view who is there and who is missing. Through our investigation we can also identify harmful microorganisms (ex. E.Coli, mildew, etc.) which may be present and offer suggestions on how to eliminate them.

How is this different from other soil tests

Most soil tests focus on the chemical make up of soil (mainly Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) and the pH. Although in the past the soil pH and nutrient content in soil was thought to be the only thing that determined a healthy plant vs and sick plant, looking at the NPK doesn't paint the full picture of what food is actually available to plants nor is it self sustainable. Sometimes even with good NPK numbers, the nutrients are locked into the soil because the soil food chain is missing important links. 

What should I be testing

Any soil can be tested. New property, new gardens, troubled lawns, poor trees, all soil and plants can benefit from a microscopic soil test. If you produce your own compost we recommend you have that tested as well so there is a clear picture as to what you are adding to your gardens and to ensure there are no harmful microorganisms. A healthy soil food chain ensures healthy plants and lower maintenance needs.

What is the process

*At this time we offer contact-less sample gathering service for free within our service area and for a small transportation fee outside*

We take random soil samples from around your area of investigation and bring it to our lab.

Our lab will report their findings and a detailed report with recommendations emailed to you within 1 week. This report will give a clear understanding of your soil's current conditions and how to fix any issues related to the soil and your chosen crop needs.

What can I do with this report

Your report will offer suggestions on what products will be the best fit for your soil and things you can do without our help. We are also available to you to provide clearer understanding during open hours.

*Please note, Covid-19 has impacted how we currently operate our service options.

$50 off offer!

To celebrate our start-up year we want to offer $50 off our Microscopic services to our first 50 clients! All we ask in return is a review (and it's not mandatory!).

onsite consultation


Gardening Advice For Your Space

If you have questions, we can help! We offer a personalized service that brings a horticulturist to your property so you can ask away! We can help with organizing, problem identifying and general care questions - we can even teach you How-To like the pros (pruning, edging, designing, etc.)

We Offer Online Consults Too!

We can help you with your space - from a distance! Live, in person consults or email communication is available. If you choose a live consult, please familiarize yourself with Zoom meetings and ensure your internet will reach to your gardens in question.